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Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Busker a Street musician

Aye Aye captain. Have a read of this. It is really happening this year already in 2013. Hit it hard with Mary on a green air flute.   

 For over ten years now i have been a street musician and singer/songwriter all over the United kingdom.
BrowneProject. Me Jamming it out on ''The Busker'' Guitar. my new gem.
I spent a lot of my time and currently still do busk regularly in  a town called Corby in England in the east midlands of the U.K.                                                   

For many of time i have performed here.. some days rainy.. most days the best days ever of my life.
the people are cool and genuine but of course there is always one clown in the bunch but all in all i have came a long way and worked so hard on BrowneProject and the music 24/7 hours a day.

Corby Town. BrowneProject performing with ''The Busker'' Guitar.
A crafted man named Tom Bingham, Corby's own Guitar maker got in touch with me via message one morning and what he had to say changed me. took away the time i felt the struggle and made me more full of motivation for Corby Town. I received one beautiful guitar called 'The Busker' and as time goes by i shall continue to blog more and more pictures and videos of this guitar.

Yes indeed it is a fine 2013 already. i am on a U.K tour with my music [BrowneProject] and the rock duo i am part of also has joined me BrowneFish.

I can Confirm a good year. I will be in the next issue of Corby Spirit Magazine and new up and coming local magazine. I will be in a certain D.V.D and manual. i am not going to give so much away but it is brewing up and cooking fine. 

2013 i am also Recording and releasing my 8th album [Top secret name on this for now sorry guys]

Do keep in-touch with me and keep updated on twitter, The U.K tour is rocking so far and after the U.K well it will be time to hit it global with the Busker tour.
Official Twitter 

Here below are a few picture of my new guitar ''The Busker'' 
she be one fine smoking hot lady and also a video with a track from my current album [hat man can] 
this song in this video is called [Let The Reaper decide]. This album is out on itunes world wide. 
Link below. One click away.
Hat Man Can [out now itunes]

The Busker. Bingham Guitar. she handles amazing and i am a proud owner
Stay tuned for more exciting updates from me as the journey continues in all directions.

Chris Browne [BrowneProject]

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